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Quickbooks® DOS to Windows  
Conversion and Upgrade Support

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Need help with Quickbooks for DOS?  
Still using Quickbooks for DOS Version 1.0, 2.0, or 2.1? 
Still maintaining a DOS-friendly computer so you can run obsolete early 1990's Quickbooks for DOS programs?  DOS programs are less and less reliable as Windows is upgraded.  It just isn't designed to run them.


Do you really want to entrust your precious financial information to an obsolete program with no support?  Wouldn't you like to upgrade to a supported Quickbooks for Windows version?

The current Quickbooks versions do not convert Quickbooks DOS data.  
Intuit suggests on their web site that you just store the DOS data, and start all over with a new data file.
What if you need to access that historical data in future when you no longer have a DOS-capable computer?
Even if you're ready to start a new data file, do you really want to lose your transaction data, and re-enter all your customers, vendors, chart of accounts, etc.? 


The Solution

We'll  convert your Quickbooks DOS files to a current Quickbooks Windows version.

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