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Quickbooks® DOS to Windows  
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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you repair Quickbooks DOS data files?

Yes, as part of the conversion process, we run utilities as necessary to fix  data integrity and file damage issues.  We cannot absolutely guarantee to repair every type of file damage; but, we've had a 95% conversion success rate so far.


Do you support Quickbooks DOS?

We offer Quickbooks DOS support to the extent necessary to update your data to a current version.  We cannot in good conscience encourage the continued use of obsolete unsupported programs for storage of sensitive financial data.


Do you update older Quickbooks Windows versions?

Yes.  However, current Quickbooks Windows versions can convert many older Windows versions.  You may be able to "do it yourself". 

However, data files from Quickbooks Windows 2, and older versions of Quicken, can be problematic.  Often when the current Quickbooks version cannot convert, we're able to convert in steps by using an intermediate older version. If you are not able to "do it yourself", consider contacting us for assistance.


How do you convert the data?

If you check with the software vendor Intuit, you will find out that recent Quickbooks versions cannot convert Quickbooks DOS files.

We maintain a set of retired Quickbooks software versions and data repair utilities.  We have 14 annual versions of Quickbooks,  plus some Quicken version,  and various conversion utilities.

We convert your data in "steps" using older versions of Quickbooks  one-by-one until we've upgraded your file to a more recent version of Quickbooks.  We recommend that you upgrade to a supported version (Intuit support for 2004 will sunset in 2007).

In most cases, we can repair damaged DOS files and convert them as well.

We've been working with Quickbooks since the earliest editions in the early 1990's, including Quicken, Quickbooks for DOS 1 and 2, and Quickbooks Windows 2.0.


How long does conversion take? 

Depending on our workload, Quickbooks DOS file conversion turnaround is typically 2 -3 days, assuming prompt client communications and response.


What is the procedure?

The entire process is typically handled via email and telephone.

You email* us a copy of your Quickbooks DOS data files, and other information we need about the files.
We perform the necessary repair and/or conversion steps to upgrade the data to a recent Quickbooks Windows version.
We run identical Quickbooks financial reports in DOS and in Windows to verify that data is converted accurately. 
If your file was damaged, we provide reports of damaged transactions that were deleted by the conversion utilities so you can re-enter them. (In most cases, nothing has to be deleted.)
Your upgraded file is emailed back to you.

*We can also exchange files via other methods, FTP, snail mail, etc.


What does it cost?

We bill at an hourly rate for the time it takes to convert the file in steps, and, to handle the necessary client communications and interactions.   Various factors influence the complexity of the conversion.

Some relevant factors:

DOS version.  
Quickbooks DOS 1.0 usually takes an extra step vs. DOS 2.
File size.
Larger files have more potential for data integrity issues, and, take a lot more clock time and monitoring to convert.
Data integrity. Some files that still work successfully in DOS actually have data integrity issues that prevent conversion to Windows.  We can usually repair them with special utility programs no longer available from Intuit.

Ballpark Estimate: 

Successful: Most DOS to Windows successful data conversions run $90  - $200 per company file.  
Unsuccessful: We ask that you reimburse us a one-hour minimum of $65 for analyzing your data and attempting the conversion, no matter how much time we spent.  Note that unsuccessful conversions often take much longer than successful ones, because we try every technique we know to repair the corrupted data. We ask only a one hour minimum for our trouble. 
BTW, we have a 95% successful conversion rate

What payment methods do you accept?


We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, and checks.  We also accept official purchase orders from companies whose information is verifiable via Dun & Bradstreet.


Do you support Quickbooks for MacIntosh?

We do not support MacIntosh versions at this time.


Is my data secure?

My profession is Quickbooks consultant for the last eleven years. I treat my clients' data as confidential, just as an accountant would treat your data. You may want to refer to the testimonials on this site; contact information for client references is available. 

Unless your DOS files are quite large (over 5 MB), the whole process is typically handled easily by email. 
Assuming your files have passwords on them, they should be reasonably secure in email transmission; in any case, the likelihood of interception by an interested party is rather remote.
If your data is highly confidential (e.g., legal, medical, contains credit card data, etc.), perhaps physical exchange via disks and Express Mail would be appropriate.
You know your data best, and should be the judge about how we exchange data.


Other support services

If you have older Quickbooks DOS, Quicken, or Quickbooks Windows data files from retired versions that you'd like to access to generate reports - but no longer have the program installed - we can help.
We also offer optional post-conversion support.  You'll find that the current Quickbooks user interface is considerably different than DOS.
We offer general Quickbooks support for versions from 1999 to the current versions.



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